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Patents. Designs. Copyright.


IP Management.

  • Patent pre-litigation work

  • IP agreements

  • Collaborations

  • IP licensing and sale

  • New companies

  • Open Source Software

  • Software as a Service

  • Portfolio management

  • Filing strategy

  • Drafting, filing, prosecution  

  • Patentability analysis

  • Infringement analysis

  • Invalidation analysis

  • Due diligence, IP audits

  • IP strategy

  • Integrative IP protection plan

  • Creating valuable IP assets

  • Monitoring IP of others

  • Trade secrets

  • On-boarding IP Managers

  • Key events in company’s life

Engagement With Clients:

We engage with our clients in several formats: as outside counsel, service provider, project-based service, inhouse function (part-time or full-time) for the short, mid or long term.

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