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Elena Canetti, Tech Transfer & Collaboration consultant, Co-Managing Partner of Inveniam Group

Elena Canetti is an expert in Technology Transfer, oversight of technical evaluation, licensing processes design, management and implementation. She is a well-known technology transfer executive who brings years of experience with technology commercialization in international markets, having completed hundreds of license and research deals to date, in the hi-tech, pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.

Elena is the Co-Managing Partner of Inveniam Group, a transaction, strategy and funding advisory firm, specializing in technology-based deals in Life Sciences and Resource Sustainability. Elena was the Vice President of Technology Transfer at Marqera LLC, a US and Israeli based IP Broker, where she headed the technology transfer initiatives, primarily from global academic and research institutions. Prior to this she was VP Research Collaborations at Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she assumed responsibility for the business assessment of Hebrew University broad research capabilities and negotiation of research agreements with the industry. This followed her tenure as the Materials and Technologies Licensing Officer, where she was responsible for the intellectual property marketing efforts, and licensing of the university’s most exciting technologies for the hi-tech and materials industries, as well as the most promising opportunities for incubation and funding by leading venture capital firms. Elena Canetti is a consultant to Latin American governments, academic and research institutions in subjects related to evaluation, valorization and commercialization of patent portfolios and internationalization of technology transfer practices.
Elena holds an MBA in Business from Boston University.

Elena Canetti - Tech Transfer & Collaboration consultant

Inveniam is a European technology-based transaction company with long and proven experience in the areas of technology transfer and strategic, financial and market advising. The main characteristic of Inveniam is its dedicated support to its clients throughout the entire technological cycle, from the first outline of an innovation up to the market. By finding the right partners and structuring successful collaborations, Inveniam supports the development of initial and growth phases, when agility, market knowledge and experience are key success factors. Services include financial advisory, strategic consulting and public funding support.

Zilber IP Law. Patents. Management collaborates with the Inveniam Group, and Einav Zilber serves as Inveniam’s  IP consultant. With our connections to the Inveniam Group, our clients get access to  20+ years’ experience in tech transfer, having participated in 100+ licensing deals. Inveniam works closely with clients to appropriately select specific technologies from their portfolios, based on the technologies’ applications, development stage, the intellectual property position, value proposition, likelihood of success and market potential. When licensing technology, Inveniam  accompanies the  clients through the whole cycle, from initial review through closing, to ensure that the technology is properly valuated and commercialized and the potential income is maximized.

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